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It is said to be a much more affordable and much less invasive way to have a facelift, but what exactly is the Lifestyle Lift? The very vague commercials promises a younger looking you, but how does it work?

The Lifestyle Lift is fairly similar to a real surgical facelift. The procedure does involve surgery. However, it is only performed on the lower part of the face, making it less invasive. With the Lifestyle Lift, it is not the skin that they are tightening, it’s the deeper level of tissue right below the skin.

The Lifestyle Lift involves an incision that pulls everything up to give you a dramatic looking change instantly. The incisions are strategically placed so that they are not noticeable and leave behind very minimal scarring. Recovery time is also relatively short.

There are many before and after images all over the web, and tons of reviews from satisfied customers.

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The Lifestyle Lift is the world’s most experienced Facial Rejuvenation Expert with almost 100 caring physicians. The proven minimally invasive lasers can help you smooth away angry frown lines, tired eyes, or loose skin for a more youthful radiant look.

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Lifestyle Lift

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